Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Evaluation - Question 3

What have you learned from your audience feedback ? 

Audience feedback has been very beneficial in constructing and producing my music video, digipak and poster. Most of the feedback received was from the screenings I did to my media class as they are my potential target audience/market of my artist. For the music video they were pleased with the seaside shots as this made the music video look and feel more professional. In addition, they also responded positively to the editing and video transitions , that were used in the music video . I also decided to desaturate the whole music video to reflect the theme of the song and also slowed that paste of some of the footage to highlight and show the artists emotions and feelings. I'm very pleased that the audience also noticed these elements in the music video, as this shows that I was working in the right direction. Although, there was some positive feedback, there was also constructive criticism. My sample audience commented on the home videos and jpeg images that were added in to the music video. They suggested that I should use a variety of videos as there were some that were used too much and to reduce the time of the jpeg images. Resulting in me changing and changing the home videos and jpeg images so that the audience will be more engaged with music video. Furthermore, they also mentioned the lip syncing and the timing of some shots. They noticed that in some shots that the artists lip syncing was not in time with the song , which made them disconnect with the music video and they could also not understand what she was saying. I decided to refill the scenes where the artist is singing the chorus to have a variety of performance shots, so that the audience will be engage and the music video to be more appealing to anyone who views it. 

Moving forward, my digipak and poster received excellent feedback which I was very thrilled with.  From the feedback received from class screenings they felt that photos reflected the RnB music genre and went in line with its codes and conventions. In addition, they also likes the typography used as it is clear and stands out which cathodes peoples attention. Lastly, they also loved how I kept a constant theme with the didfipak and poster as this helped them to identify my artist.